$21k CROWNs ❗ ($5k AIRDROP + $16k EVENT) A Staked Claim

🤑 Ready for this huge event? Here are the details 👇

Our $21k CROWNs event is starting with our $5k CROWNs AIRDROP bonus to 500 winners ❗❗
🔗 Register here for the Airdrop.
Because who doesn’t like an appetizer in addition to the main course?

But not everything is about luck right!? 🎲

Participate in the “Staked Claim” event, Play and EARN.

There’s $16k CROWNs ready for the event, help us build the NEW Space Station the more you help, the more you earn.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate you are a real Misfit! let’s work together shoulder to shoulder” 💪

Will you deserve it❓

➡️ Check the rest of the event details:

The whole event was going to be 8 weeks (4 Event Weeks and 4 Resting Weeks) and we decided to merge the last 4 weeks into a new whole event!

Last events already ended and our fellow Misfits worked really hard to build up the new Space Station!

Now we have a 4 weeks event with $8k CROWNs ($SMCW) Rewards !!🤑

4 Weeks event — FAN ART 🎨

Starting April 13th — Ending May 11th

Sheriff Halloway said that he has everything to build up the new Space Station but there’s something that he needs too, this time is all about fan-ART ! whART??, ART!

Help us decorate the new Space Station!! Halloway will find his inspiration on your submitted artworks. ⌛ He knows you need to take some time for this so he was kind enough to provide us with this much time!!

🖼️ Send us your Space Misfit related Fan Art. 🎨

⭐ Instructions:

1- Create some cool Space Misfits related artwork.
2- Register your in-game account at: https://spacemisfits.com/signin/
3- Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/spacemisfits
4- Submit your Fan-Art by adding a comment to this tweet (check the Twitter Link at the Form below), like and retweet.
5- Fill up this form to participate: https://forms.gle/MenCydTUCHoJdPaCA

After you submit your artwork, your art will be manually added to our Discord’s #Fan-Art channel and other users will be able to vote it. (expect to wait some time until we add it)

1 vote = 1 Commendation Token. (votes will be turned into a Commendation Token “manually”)

▶️ But there’s more! participate during the Twitch streams to earn Commendation tokens!

Make sure to follow our announcement channels and don’t miss the streams!

At the end of the 4 weeks event, the submit form will be closed and the Discord channel will be closed in order to count the total votes for the different artworks, they will sum up to your other gathered Commendation Tokens during streams.

$8k in CROWNs will be divided by all the “Commendation Tokens” collected by the participants, this way, every participant will earn, and the more tokens you have the more you earn. 🤑

For example: if all participants collected 1k “Commendation Tokens” 1 “Commendation Token” would be exchanged for $8 in CROWNs each. 😉

Other NON disclosed surprises are also awaiting you 👀👀




CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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