Announcing the Space Misfits In-Game IGO Whitelisting Event

Register for the IGO Event Here — The event starts on January 4th at 5pm EST and will end on January 6th at 5pm EST!

By now, you’ve probably been a part of or at the very least heard of whitelist events for NFT games and/or crypto-related projects in general. And while they do provide a sense of anticipation and excitement, we here at Space Misfits think that overall, these whitelist events are missing that X-factor that gets the FOMO brewing and the community involved.

So, far be it from us to conform with the status quo, we’ve decided that our IGO whitelist event will be the first of its kind and take place IN. OUR. GAME.

That’s right, you read correctly. The Space Misfits IGO whitelist event will take place in-game with a chance to win one of 100 IGO whitelist spots and a bonus $2400 USDT prize pool for the top 10 players on our leaderboard. The 1st place winner will walk away with $600 USDT, and the remaining 2nd to 10th place participants will receive $200 USDT each.

Important Registration Info

The registration period for this epic event will take place from December 28th to January 6th. To be eligible to claim your prize, you’ll be required to enter through our official gleam link here, and complete the following tasks:

  • Retweet and Comment on Space Misfits (Retweet and comment on event tweet)
  • Follow Space Misfits on Twitter (If already following then check off)
  • Join Space Misfits Telegram Community (If already joined then check off)
  • Download & Launch Space Misfits (Direct link to download, check off if already existing user)
  • Create Your Space Misfits Account (Enter Your Username) [VERY IMPORTANT]

Event Details

The in-game whitelisting event will take place over 3 days beginning on January 4th and ending on January 6th. A novel rogue zone will be created in which players will face off and battle NPC to collect their exclusive drops called “Altrogen”. In-game leaderboards will be set up to track and record the best players, which is determined by the number of Altrogen drops collected.

The event starts on January 4th at 5pm EST and will end on January 6th at 5pm EST!

Winner Selection

The winners of our whitelisting event will be announced on January 7th, and as mentioned above, will be determined by which players have accumulated the most drops over the course of the event. Their usernames will be cross-referenced with the username submitted to our gleam link, so be sure to follow all the steps to avoid forfeiting your whitelist spot.


Unfortunately, some regions and countries are prohibited to participate due to regulations from EnjinStarter. Residents from the following countries will not be able to participate on the IGO platform:

The U.S., Canada (Ontario residents only), People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Yemen.

While citizens from these countries will be able to participate in-game, Enjinstarter’s KYC process will prohibit them from being able to claim an IGO prize.

The Clock is Winding Down!

Our IGO is fast-approaching and our game is live and ready to go! So be sure to have your trigger fingers ready and participate in our one-of-a-kind whitelist event. Once our TGE is complete, our play-to-earn capabilities will be fully functional, providing you with the opportunity to explore our multiverse alongside other Misfits and earn throughout the galaxy!

>>Register for the event NOW!<<

Don’t forget to join our socials to stay up to date on everything Space Misfits!






CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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