New Space Misfits Whitepaper Released

As Space Misfits continues to evolve so does the whitepaper. New content and gameplay have been mapped out for the future and want to be able to tell the story about what Space Misfits is and how the community of players will drive the story and ownership of the game.

A couple of big changes:

SMC Converting to CROWN Tokens

With our ERC20 SMC tokens moving to Harmony we have decided to completely rebrand the token and redistribute a brand new token called CROWN. If you are a current holder of SMC you will need to hold your SMC till a snapshot is made in the near future and CROWN is distributed to all SMC holders.

Space Misfits Introducing Disembark

Disembark will introduce a procedurally generated survival first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay inside abandoned ships. Players will disembark their ships assuming their clones as avatars to play through a survival FPS mode in abandoned ships. The interiors of these abandoned ships are procedurally generated providing unique gameplay every single time. Players will have to survive battling NPCs and other players to capture treasures and get out without dying.


As we introduce the CROWN token we want to make sure our players know where these CROWN tokens will be allocated. These tokens will fund a lot of different areas including rewarding players and early adopters.

A lot more has been updated to the whitepaper to reflect what is changing and what is to come. This includes new and future development along with our upcoming roadmap on what is to come.

We want to thank everyone for helping us get this far. Space Misfits belongs to the community and everything is player-driven from the economy to the game design and development.

View the new whitepaper —

AMA Scheduled for November 6th at 10am EST

We will be hosting an important AMA on November 6th at 10am EST on Discord to answer some community questions and provide insights on what is to come and the future of Space Misfits!




CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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