Our Upcoming Rogue Release

We are just days away from releasing our next Rogue update. Our initial Rogue released saw a completely new procedurally generated rogue-like gameplay that we refer to as simply “Rogue”. While our players were playing Rogue and enjoying collecting BITS and other tokens we have been busy preparing our next major Rogue release.

We call this next release “R6B”. This will bring a ton of new blueprints so players can build new ships, turrets, modules and more! We have completely overhauled the forge. Before players simply can use a few different blueprints to build ships. Now players will have to build ships along with building and fitting turrets and modules on their ships.

The forge has now introduced Telemetry. Telemetry is a fungible token collected in the game that increases the probability of higher stats when building in the forge. This means the more Telemetry you own the higher the chance that item has to roll better stats. Telemetry will be a highly sought-after item in the Space Misfits universe. Future uses will be applied like assisting pilot progression and more.

The forge also has been enhanced to allow players to build complex items. These complex items will be required to craft in order to build ships, modules and turrets in the future. We are initially rolling out just a few complex items to test crafting these items. We will expand this feature and release a lot more complex items in the future.

Along with forge upgrades new ships, turrets and modules are being released. You can expect to use the following blueprints in the new R6 release:


  • Blade
  • No Hugs
  • Striker
  • Death Kiss
  • PF Flyer
  • Ladybug

15 New Light Turrets & Launchers— Beam, Gatling, Projectile, Burst and Missile Launchers

3 New Deployable Bombs

  • Gravity Bomb (slow)
  • The Blocker (shield)
  • Bombshell (damage)

Mining Turrets

  • Rock Breaker
  • The Collector

With the new blueprints we are also introducing a new Rogue Zone with brand new ships and bosses to fight! This includes a new Pirate Rogue zone! Each Rogue zone will contain unique drops needed to progress through and collect a fortune in BITS!

We are also introducing a new recycling center allowing players to take old ships from the previous release and recycle them to recover BITS and scraps. This release also brings a packing center where you can packed fitted ships and prepare to sell them in the future in the marketplace.

We are also preparing new a brand new mining zone. R6 brings the new Ladybug mining ship with the new mining turrets and now you will discover a brand new Rogue mining zone you can enjoy going through mining asteroids and collecting minerals needed to craft in the forge.

We are not slowing down. Right around the corner is our R6B update which brings a mountain of playable content and storylines and introduces our first Episode 1 where you will enjoy numerous new Rogue Zones with a mixed bag of gameplay and content to play through!

Servers will be at around 10 pm EST tonight and will stay down as we migrate this huge release on our servers!

R6 is by far our biggest update with the newest content we have ever released. We are very excited about it! We cannot wait for you to play through R6 and all the new content, blueprints and updates! Thanks for all your support and we will see you in Space!




CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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