$SMCW Token Launch Postponed

Dear Misfits,

We would like to begin first by thanking all who participated in our IDO. The event was a tremendous success and this is directly correlated to the support and engagement of our community. Your commitment to our team and faith in our project drives us to create an NFT gaming experience like no other and continuously act in the best interest of our community.

With that being said, we have decided the best course of action to take is to postpone the date of our TGE to ensure we achieve the desired outcome from this event. Please rest assured that this is no cause for concern, but rather, an opportunity for us to capitalize on a variety of important factors that will benefit our launch and overall ecosystem in the short and long term.

Tier-1 Partnerships, CEX, and More!

A big part of what helps make projects like ours successful relies on the partnerships we secure. At this moment, we are in the final stages of onboarding a very important tier-1 backer that will add immense value for our team and community. We are also in talks with a major tier-1 exchange and as many of you know, exchange listings provide substantial value as more investors will have access to $SMCW. The details for both of these factors are being finalized and so this accounts for two of the main reasons we feel it best to postpone for a short while.

Our goal from the outset was to provide our community with something tangible by the time our TGE takes place, to give them a chance to experience the Space Misfits game to some degree. With that said, we are in the process of releasing a major R7 game update that will be released within days and another massive update in the coming weeks. Having this live and running before launch will be a useful tool that will enable players to get a hands-on look at the project they’re investing in. It also allows our community to provide us with valuable feedback that we can utilize to make improvements wherever necessary.

MEXC Global Listing Update

Our listing on MEXC Global will be postponed until further notice. A new announcement with the date will be established as we work with the exchanges on choosing a date. The benefit of this will allow us time to lock in additional support from all of our partners, influencers and initiate major marketing efforts with our new tier-1 exchange. We have partnered with over 150 Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers to produce a coordinated marketing effort to ensure we launch at full capacity.

We are eternally grateful for your patience and know that we are anxious to deliver an unsurpassed NFT gaming experience. The reasons mentioned for this change of date will undoubtedly add value to our project and contribute to a successful TGE.

Please stay tuned to our socials for upcoming announcements about our new launch date!

Telegram: https://t.me/Spacemisfitsgame

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HE3jjF2kFq

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceMisfits

Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/spacemisfits/

Website: https://spacemisfits.com/




CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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