Space Misfits Announces Animoca Brands as Key Backer

Space Misfits, there is great cause to rejoice! Today we are thrilled to welcome Animoca Brands as a key backer. Animoca Brands is a global powerhouse in the areas of GameFi, Blockchain technology, and many other forms of digital entertainment and we could not be more excited to collaborate with this global leader as we build our next-generation metaverse.

Animoca Brands was listed by the Financial Times as one of the Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021 and features an impressive portfolio of major projects in both DeFi and traditional markets. It has developed games on several blockchains which include Binance Smart chain, Harmony, Ethereum, Polygon, and many others, and boasts a second-to-none resume, having partnered with some of the biggest projects in the space and some of the world’s most important brands.

This wealth of experience in developing top-tier blockchain games will serve as an invaluable tool for our team and enable us to greatly expand the Space Misfits user base.

Top-Tier Support

Animoca Brands takes an uncompromising approach when choosing the projects they support. Its selection process involves a thorough investigation of the project’s team and fundamentals to ensure it possesses the tools necessary for sustainable long-term growth. The NFT gaming market has grown exponentially in a very short time giving players a seemingly endless number of options to invest their time and capital. However, this does not ensure that all gaming platforms will provide players with the same earning opportunities and entertaining gameplay.

Animoca Brands’ stringent vetting process marks Space Misfits as a top-tier NFT game and joins a long list of other successful Animoca Brands-backed games such as Axie Infinity, Blockchain Monster Hunt, Bloktopia, Alien Worlds, and many others.

We wish to thank the Animoca Brands team for putting their trust in us and look forward to many great years of collaborations and milestones that will benefit both parties and our respective communities.

About Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game built with ENJIN Blockchain technology. It gives players an opportunity to “Play to Earn”. while they explore space, mine asteroids, fight NPCs, build ships, repair/fuel ships and buy minerals on the market. Space Misfits aims to deliver an unrivaled NFT gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of GameFi, delivering top-tier graphics and gameplay developed by some of the industry’s most qualified designers and game technicians.

Connect with Space Misfits

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CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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Space Misfits

Space Misfits

CEO/Founder of Jade Stems Studios — Developing a Blockchain 3D Space MMO Powered By ENJIN Technology

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